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U.S. Analytical Laboratories

600 S. State College Blvd.

Fullerton, California 92886

Tel: (714) 773-9151

Fax: (714) 773-0521

Email: info@usallab.com


U.S. Analytical Laboratories (USAL), founded in 1986, is an analytical laboratory that specializes in analyitical testing of water (raw, municipal, bottled, saline, or resuse) and food for a full range of contaminants.

Using methods from EPA, Standard Methods, FDA, and in-house techniques, USAL provides clinets with high quality, low reporting limit data to assess water quality. USAL also assists clients with quality assurance consulting and development of internal water quality standards. The lab is California State certified, and NELAP accredited and offeres comprehensive drinking water and bottled water compliance testing throughout most of the United States and its territories. The lab stays on the leading edge of both compliance and emerging contaminant analyses by partnering with USEPA and instrument manufacturers on method development and validation projects.

U.S.A.L. specializes in analyses of the following matrices:


Affiliated with ASTM International